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PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR ruining https traffic

1: Seeker

I am getting constant firefox PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR errors (and equivalents in other browsers) when connecting via a mobile broadband device with your SIM* card in it. I have refreshed firefox multiple times, ensured no software on my own device is man-in-the-middling me, I have ensured to proxy or VPN routing is present on my device, I have cleared firefox profiles. I have also had the same issues in chrome under different error codes, but still relating to https being interrupted. I have also tried connecting to the internet via connections NOT going through your telecoms infrastructure, when doing that I have no problems of this form. The PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR errors are therefore clearly related in some way to your mobile broadband back end network and how this maps to assigned IP addresses. I think something in your settings may be causing problems for https secure connections, this also causes google to force me through captchas when trying to make direct search bar searches.  The PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR is a browser's response when it thinks it is being man-in-the-middled, so it would appear something within your network is behaving in a way which appears to the browser like a man-in-the-middle assault on the integrity of https traffic. Together these two errors are making vital secure portals such as email and payments virtually unusable. I need you to try removing any security or content filtering type systems from my account, these are known in logs about other ISPs to often hurt https communications. I need you to provide me with full details of how DNS requests are currently operating through your standard setup. I need to know if you are trying to route my traffic through some form of proxy or reverse proxy within your network infrastructure, I have set firefox not to sue any proxy settings but if you are placing them on the connection further along the route this may cause issues. If this is causing my https problems I may need it turned off so I can have a mroe normal connection. Please pass this email directly to one of your network engineers familiar with acronyms such as DNS, TCP/IP, https and the other details I mention. The current problems your connection is causing for my https traffic is making accessing email and payment gateways very hard. Thank you.


*strictly a SIM card using your network but branded under another operator, I think I stand mroe chance of getting this under the nose of a hands-on network engineer here than i would trying to contact the branded organisation who's name is on my ISP, but are using your infrastructure



Hi @Rob98765, thanks for your message and we're sorry to hear about the error that you're receiving . We would recommend that you contact your service provider directly, if a technical or network case is needed, this will get raised on your account which we won't have access to. Once this has been raised, if we need to provide any updates on your case this will go straight to your network service provider 🙂

2: Seeker
2: Seeker


Did you ever get a resolution to this problem?

Both myself and my wife have the same problem, repeatedly. Our service provider is also not vodafone but they use vodafone network..