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R212 Firmware Upgrade

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Could someone please tell me where I can get the firmware upgrade for the R212.  I bought an R212 a couple of days ago to replace an old 3G MiFi that I had as we now have 4G coverage in our area.  While I get good download speeds of 30Mbs from 3 out of 5 bars on 4G, surfing the web is painfully slow as the browser (Chrome) constantly says Resolving Host... which I assume means it is doing a DNS lookup.  My diagnostics are:


Product nameR212-Z
Software VersionBD_R212V3.1
Web UI Version2.008.5513
Hardware VersionVer.B(T3)


I am hoping the 3.5 firmware upgrade will help resolve this.  Could someone please let me know where I can download this from and how to install it.




You need to factory reset the device, then it wil see it. I had the same problem :Smiling:

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Many thanks for the update.


One question though, excuse me if it sounds rude/facetious, whatever...


if there is a firmware update available that rectifies problems [to be confirmed], why is it not listed on the pages you guys link to above?


Total madness... you've clearly wasted loads of your customers time...



Password is actually vodafone all lowercase.



I still have the same problem, it pops up with a "wifi connection window" that links to the ZTE/Voda router admin page. Same problem I have always had with OSX and iOS.


Thank you for some absolutely awful customer support vodafone. Bloomin useless.


For the record, I tried to get detailed upgrade instructions out of Vodafone for a year, only after this conversation have they sent me the actual info [you need the mobile app installed for the firmwar upgrade to work].


I'd swear if it was allowed, but instead, I'll just give up. Anyone want to buy an R212, with only minor personality problems?

I also got the email, thanks for the effort Ellie.


Unfortunately, the firmware version is the same as I already have on the device, the same firmware which I downloaded last Sept, nearly a year ago. I'm going to recommend the company replace all vodafone mobile broadband devices with devices that work properly and have proper support, I've wasted too much time on such a simple problem.

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I e got an idea, why don't you guys replace our faulty units? That'd make more sense to me, seeing as paid for this unit.

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Moderator (Retired)

I can see that Ellie sent the latest software version available at present.


If that has not helped, all I can suggest it waiting for future releases.



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Regarding this issue, could you please assist with the link for firmware upgrade?

I'm also looking for dashboard that is preinstaled on the r212 with the drivers as I'm having issues with the device.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Kind regards


Please can you provide me with the link too?


And I need the link to the firmware not the mobile connect software.


Many Thanks



Could you also please send me the link and intructions on how to upgrade to the latest firmware?


Current version: BD_R212V3.1





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Hi Guys

Please contact me via private message for firmware upgrade files.

Kind regards