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Mobile Broadband

Vodafone Sim with Huawei mifi 6d23 ex ee not working

2: Seeker

Just got a new Vodafone Sim - was hoping to drop into a Huawei 6D23 mifi that was on EE but expired a year plus back.   Any thoughts on what I need to do to get this to work? 


Many thanks

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2: Seeker

Seeking advice on connecting new sim only to a Huawei 6d23 mifi ex EE - any suggestions? Only getting red light so far

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17: Community Champion

Hi @colijohn 


Presumably this is an unlocked device.


To use the device on the Vodafone network you will probably need to instal the correct software : Mobile Broadband Software


You will also need the correct APN settings:  Data APN settings


If you are using the device on PAYG, the SIM will activate when it makes a connection to the internet.  Further info for you here: Add a data pack 

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