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Mobile Broadband

Vodafone kept charging me after cancellation

2: Seeker

Hello everyone,

Long story short - I went abroad a couple of months ago and decided to cancel my mobile contract with Vodafone, as I was keeping a PAYG provider for the time being. I used the STAC to cancel and received all the notifications (before you are leaving..) and even received a call from a Vodafone worker who tried to convince me to stay. 


I told him about my plans and they I would like to cancel my mobile contract and that was about it. My bad: I didn't look out for a final confirmation - I had too much trust in their system.

I didn't really think much more of it but now after checking my UK bank account I can see that Vodafone just keep charging me. Are there any ways to get a refund or did they manage to trick me?



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17: Community Champion

Hi @Dome89 


To cancel the agreement the STAC would have needed to submitted to an alternative network, if this was not done the contract would have continued to roll over on a month to month basis.  Where a mobile broadband contract is concerned, although termination can be completed by submitting a STAC, it is recommended to contact Vodafone.


The call you received to entice you to stay would have been from retentions, they would have been unable to cancel the contract.  See here: Cancel Account 



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