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Website blocked by Vodafone Secure Net

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3: Seeker

Dear Vodafone team,

as many other website owners, I also have the problem that my website is being blocked by Vodafone Secure Net. 

As I am in Germany, I am not sure if the problem occurs only in German Vodafone environment or is global. In any case, I haven't found any way to report "false positive" on German support pages and only receive automated replies which are not helpful at all. I would appreciate any help and assistance!

According to, the site is fully clear and no security vendors have flagged this URL as malicious (one service has removed the red flag recently accepting the case was "false positive").

Please help me to unblock the site as the blocking is an enormous obstacle for our visitors and therefore for our business.

Thanks a lot in advance!


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 the site visitors see the following screen


Hi @DanaBond thank you for raising your concerns with us. Is this Vodafone Germany customers experiencing this problem accessing the site over a Vodafone Germany mobile network connection? 

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3: Seeker

Dear @Lucy_F , thanks for the reply. 
Yes, we noticed the problem with the customers in Germany who use Vodafone services (not sure if Vodafone users in other countries are also affected by this). But actually not only with the mobile network connection. Rather all who use Vodafone Secure Net, on mobile devices as well on their desktop PCs, laptops etc.

The customers see the warning that the site is ranked as malicious or the connection is insecure. But it is in any way malicious (checked with all possible tools), and it does have a valid SSL certificate.

Thanks for your response @DanaBond As Vodafone UK, we manage our UK services. Have you reached out to Vodafone Germany to have this looked into, and if required have the site reclassified? If not, they're contactable on the information found here

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I'm in the same situation in Germany. 

and I see your website is still blocked... even after 3 months... very sad. 

And Vodafone Germany is impossible to reach out and they don't have forum to request. I don't understand.........