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site blocked -false positive

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hello, our website/url  is being blocked on the vodafone network and secure net . I have run this legal consultancy Garkal  for the last 20 years.

The  http ://

Our website deals with the legal industry and should be not be restricted. Virus total is giving it a clean bill of health from 91 out of 92 security vendors. We have written to the last one Antiy-AVL who are based in China a couple of times  but have not had a response .  The website is clean.

Can you please review and remove us from the blocking list ? I would be so grateful

Thank you very much in advance




Hi @NA123 Thanks for for getting in touch. We certainly raise this the relevant teams but it must show as completely clean first, otherwise the request will be rejected. Once the last malicious flag is removed, just let us know and we can look at getting your site reclassified. 

Hi JaneyR,

Thank you for your message

We have emailed on four different occasions the last provider antiy-avl and tried to ring them in the Asia but we are not getting any reponse whatsover. 91 out of 92 security providers  have market it clean on virus total .  Can you get in touch with your relevant teams at vodafone so our website is not blocked ? I am not technical but think it might be just an age restriction on secure net for our website. 

It would be good if we could get a resolution sorted please ? Our website is clean and vodafone are the only mobile network blocking it , it seems.
Thanks in advance

Community Manager
Community Manager

We'd need it show 100% clean with Virus Total before we can raise it to be reclassified @NA123, please ask whoever maintains your site to look into this no your behalf.