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Off topic

Amazing Tech Support! (not sacrasm)

2: Seeker

I was hoping to get a customer survey but never got one so thought I'd post here as this seems the best place (I think)



I have just moved address and it was activation day. For some reason the router wasn't working so after getting bounced between departments for almost two hours I got through to Gary in tech support so long story short...the guy was great, talkative friendly and not robotic. spent an hour last night  (his shift was due to finish half way through the call but he stuck around) and even arranged a call back today to make sure everything works so I really want to give credit where it is due and hope that it gets passed back to the tech team

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@kabilach This is fabulous to hear! 😍 It sounds like Gary has really advocated what we're all about here at Vodafone and thats being; customer obsessed, friendly and efficent with our support! I'll ensure the feedback is passed on internally to our Tech department, thanks for sharing this great experience when contacting us! We'll always be here if you need anything else! 👍

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