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Australian Vodafone App on UK phone

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2: Seeker

Why can't I download the Vodafone Australia app onto my my UK phone but the Lebara one (that uses Vodafone Australia's network) is available in the UK app store? I bought a Vodafone SIM while in OZ to use in my dual SIM android phone but I can't manage it via a suitable app. Odd because the Vodafone app for Oman, Fiji and multiple other countries are available in the UK app store? I can't change my phone preference to get the OZ app because Google play won't let me change back for 12 months. It means I may have to ditch that SIM for a Lebara one when I travel to Australia again to visit family which is a hassle. Any solutions? 



Hey @CatHat. We understand the importance of being able to access your My Vodafone Australia account in the UK. Although the developers of the My Vodafone Australia app (Vodafone Hutchison Australia Pty Ltd) have restricted the availability of their application to certain geographies and countries, it's important to note that you should still be able to access your Australian My Vodafone account online - whether that's to pay your bill or recharge your prepaid service, check your account balance and usage, get add-ons, update your settings etc. 

Hi Jason, thanks for that, it is better than no link at all, but does require a text message to be sent each time to my Aussie phone number to access. I am not sure why the developers would wish to restrict the Australian Vodafone  App when Lebara allow theirs to be downloaded to a UK phone and the Vodafone Apps for other countries are available on the UK Google play store? If Vodafone are an international telecommunications provider who wish to cater to people who spend time in places like Australia, you would think they would want to address this? When I go out again next year I am likely to pick up a Lebara SIM if the situation is unchanged. Kind regards, 

Hey 🙂

Im not entirely sure whether this would work, but here goes.  This is just a stab in the dark and i apoligise if it doesnt have any effect.

Could it be that the phone would temporarily need a different APN setting? 
Got a nice little site here with all the au apn variants.  Its a nice read anyhow.

Good luck in finding a solution.  🙂

Ok thank, I did manage to solve this following a webchat with a Vodafone guy in India.

It's on the apk.monk site.

I managed to download the app from a third party site and it does work, although I am not sure how I ever delete it as it's not managed by the Google play app store function?

Although the app is controlled on the phone via my thumbprint, after 24 hours or so it will ask me to click a link to send a text message to re-open the app. This means I will have to keep putting money on the Vodafone Australia account as the pay as you go funds seem to expire after every 3 months. I want to keep the mobile number but I am not likely to go back to Australia for at least 12 months. My UK Giff Gaff pay as you go option allows you to keep your unused money on the phone, without expiring. I can't see why Vodafone Australia can't do the same?

For some reason now I can't even receive the text messages that allow me to log in to the app when I switch my Australian Vodafone SIM on? Even though I have around $20 credit on the phone that lasts until halfway through February 2023. So I'm guessing Vodafone don't want me as a customer?