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DPD Collection/Return

2: Seeker



Someone in the returns department has arranged for DPD to collect a tablet I am returning on Monday. I've been told that I don't need to put any address details etc on the package as the DPD driver will have a label with all the necessary details that he will affix to the package upon collection. I just wanted to check that this was the case as I am a bit dubious about it and I was under the impression that you needed to print labels beforehand with couriers such as DPD?


Secondly it wasn't until after the call that I realised that Monday won't work for me and I need to rearrange. Will I receive any details prior to Monday that will enable me to change the collection day (as you can with a delivery) or will it need to be cancelled completely and rearranged?



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17: Community Champion

The DPD Driver will have return labels.

I'd suggest to take time and date stamped photos of the tablet to prove it's aesthetic condition and one of it turned On and one of the parcel itself.

Also make note of drivers registration number @CJP89 

It may now be too late to stop the arranged pick up and will be logged as a failed attempt by the courier. And then you'll need to contact Vodafone to re arrange.

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Hi @CJP89. We're unable to discuss accounts over the forum, please pop our Social Media team a message and they'll be able to help you with your delivery

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