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Excellent Customer Support (Employee: Abanob Albert)

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Good evening,


I wanted to leave some feedback on my most recent experience with Vodafone Support. Background was that my apple watch couldn't connect to the vodafone network. I've contacted Vodafone roughly 3 weeks ago, and was put through to Abanob Albert. The issue with the watch was quite tricky, so it took nearly three weeks to get it resolved. Throughout this time, Abanob took great interest in the issue and was incredibly dedicated to get it resolved as soon as possible. He called me pretty much every other day or sent me a text letting me know that it's still being worked on. We went through several trouble shootings, hard resets and pairings - with the issue having been resolved today (and us both cheering over the phone, what a journey :Cry_Laughing: !)


I would like to thank Abanob for doing an incredible job - he was highly professional and talked me through the entire process. He was very polite and thorough and I felt that he really cared about getting the issue resolved as quickly as possible. Needless to say I'm very happy it's been resolved but also wanted to leave him feedback in the hopes that it somehow makes it to his manager! 


Overall brilliant experience, thank you again Abanob for the excellent support!


(Last contact was today at 19:11 UK time if that helps)




Thomas Reiner


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Going from recent threads on this forum there has been quite a few people experiencing similar issues to yours @Tomre44 

It's great that an agent has made it their goal to try and get yours sorted.

I'm sure the Vodafone Social Media Teams here will pass your feedback up the chain.

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