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Help with undoing Early careers grad withdrawal

2: Seeker

Good day, my name is Erica Mkandawire and I am having issues with my job application, and I hope you can assist.

I applied for the early careers graduate programme 2021, in July as soon as applications opened. I applied for a position at the Vodacom branch in Midrand, Gauteng, based in South Africa.


My application process went well, and my online assessment with HireVue also went well but yesterday I received an email saying that Vodafone has noticed that I withdrew my application,which is not the case as I completed all steps with success.


I don't understand how this happened, or why, and would like someone to please assist me in cancelling the withdrawal so that I may continue to be applicable for employment in the position I applied for as I am still keen to work there and be invited for further steps that complete the employment process.


On the email I received I was told that should I wish to cancel my withdrawal, which I really do want to as I never made one in the first place, I should contact the Vodafone resource team. My problem is I don't know how to reach them and ask them to sort out this problem I have. May you please help.




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17: Community Champion

Hi @EricaMk 


Vodafone UK is a different and separate company to Vodacom, South Africa and you are going to need tocontact Vodacom about this problem, it won't be something Vodafone UK will be able to help with. Vodacom Community is here:

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