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Off topic

SecureNet Issues

2: Seeker

When I joined VF in August, I was fully aware of Securenet and know it is of very limited use (ie zero use on WiFi and with various other encription options, of limited use on signal). I specifically said I did not want this pay-for premium service. It was added anyway.

I know its only £1 a month, but 18 million customers make a lot of £s

Seeing it on my bill, I checked my account and sure enough, the slider for Securenet was set at ON. Rather than mess about, I called and asked for it to be removed permanently - and refunded....... “of course sir”

Only it wasn't removed. I called back and got another promise. But now I cannot see the slider to check...Anyone know where the slider is on the app menu, is it no loger available or what.

I did get a refund on the upcoming bill - of 65p???? No one seems to be able to explain why it is not a £1 refund. Again, minor...35p, but infuriating non the less. Surely its simple...refund £1....feels like some sort of scam where I give up as not worth chasing 35p. The 18million 35ps is £6 million for VF ....btw adding premium rate services without permission is very dodgy!!!



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Hi @th3rdroc I appreciate this must be frustrating. Securenet is security service provided by us and comes as standard with all mobile contracts with the first 3 months for free, and then £1 each month after this. The service is entirely optional and you can opt-in or out at any time through the MyVodafone app and your online account. 

As you pay your bill a month in advance, if you've removed this service mid-way through the month, you'd receive a pro-rata credit for the days you've been billed for but haven't used. If you believe that you've not received the correct refund amount, I'd recommend contacting our Social Media team here. They'll be able to double-check and confirm this for you

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2: Seeker

Thanks Jack, kinda knew that already, but know where you are coming from.

To be clear:

Issue 1 - VF adding a premium rate service without permission. Yes I can cancel (well, took a couple of goes), but this is back to front. Imagine every company adding premium rate services and expecting the Customer to spot them request removal and a refund. I think this is immoral if not illegal. How many get fooled into thinking this is even worth £1!!

Issue 2. Not easy to remove. It gets readded - round the loop, customer has to spot it and, well, back to issue 1

Issue 3, seems the On/Off slider has been well buried on the VF website. I found it once, but cant see it now. 
Issue 3, transparency. The implication seems to be I got a 65p refund for part of a month??? Which month? The only charge I see was for £1. Again, the onus is on the customer to work out how VF does the maths to get £1 = 65p.
After several calls, no one seems able to explain this.

Issue 4. Just who do you contact. What is this social media team? I’ve rung the contact number VF give several times with little success, as well as Tobi (groan) and online live chat. Seems like the aim is to waffle on until I give up. Its only £1.....or maybe 35p. (multiplied by 18 million, call me cynical)


oh well. Lets see what the actual bill is for January. After all, it’s only a few pence eh.



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