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Is the Vodafone UK responsible for technical failures at its world branches?

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3: Seeker

The question is if the UK Vodafone company is responsible for not solving problems at its world branches.

If an overseas Vodafone branch issues an not satisfactory results about a technical failure causing customers to lose money should the UK Vodafone be accountable for resolving that problem?

I tried to complain to the UK Vodafone office via its e-mail contact once I lost money at its world branch.

But it's nothing to bother for the UK Vodafone company if an ordinary customer complains about lost money! so they have never responded to me!

I would like to raise a dispute via the UK Ombudsman office to get the lost money back because this is what these companies rely on that the customers will give up a request for lost money.

How many days has Vodafone UK to respond to complaints?

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Hey @donecek I hope you're doing well. I'm sorry to hear that you've lost some money with an overseas Vodafone branch as a result of some technical failings, I can certainly appreciate the frustration and upset this would cause. 

Vodafone UK operates completely separately from other Vodafone branches overseas. We have no account or network access and we are unable to raise and resolve complaints against another none UK Vodafone company. You would need to speak to the Vodafone branch where the issue occurred and raise a complaint via their channels. Their complaints team can then work with you to get this all investigated and resolved. 

I appreciate that this may not be the answer you were looking for but as we only have access to UK accounts and only manage the UK network, we would have no way to look into the technical failures you experienced and the impact that had on you. 

Hi Steph, thank you very much for your response, indeed.

If things are going the way you described then plenty of questions are coming to my mind....

For example:

1. Vodafone's worldwide branches don't have to send their profits to the UK's Vodafone headquarters that invested its money into the overseas branches. 

2. If these overseas Vodafone branches are using Vodafone trading marks alongside they are completely independent then how the UK Vodafone headquarter can control its good reputation?

3. Are these Vodafone overseas branches pure franchise businesses?

Thank you in advance for the additional explanation of these questions.