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Why is my recruitment website being blocked?

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hi! I have just seen today that our website is being blocked by Vodafone and stating it has 18+ content. Apple Resourcing is a recruitment company, so guaranteed there is nothing that goes against your policies on there. The site has an SSL certificate, a domain guard and is only a one-page site so pretty basic - but can anyone advise why this might be happening?

What is more confusing is when I check where else it is blocked, it is saying that it isn't blocked anywhere! See: - so I have no idea where to start sorting the problem!



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @emmarae0102 - thanks for reaching out to us about this. I've requested your site to be reviewed by our Support team. It's logged under reference INC000004992782. One of us will let you know here, as soon as there's an update 😊

4: Newbie


Just took a look at your site. There is a picture of a nurse wearing a near flesh coloured pink outfit. The algorithms that scan web sites for porn could mistake that photo to be of a naked lady. You and I know that she is fully, and decently clothed, but the algorithms have been known to make that mistake before.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @MarkWeinreb, our team have updated us regarding your case. Your site's now been reclassified as 'Employment'. Please allow 36 hours for the change to be completed. If you're still experiencing difficulty accessing the site after this time, don't hesitate to get back in touch with us.

@Mark I think you meant to address your reply to @emmarae0102. But on her behalf, if she doesn’t mind, I’ll thank you for her.

Hi Mark, That's brilliant. The site looks fine now. Thanks so much!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Oh apologies @MarkWeinreb. Yes I believe it was @emmarae0102's site. Sorry for the mix up 😊