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Leslie From complaints line

2: Seeker

I could not find anywhere to leave a positive feedback for Leslie that answered my call and helped deal with my complaints. She did an amazing job at empathising and listening to what I was saying. She acknowledged my concerns and reassured me many times she would be with me until a satisfactory solution occurred. It was a very calming and quick resolution compared to the 5hrs+ the day before through chat help. Stress free help. She is the only reason I would contemplate staying with Vodafone, but unfortunately I cannot be guaranteed to communicate with Leslie every time, otherwise I would! Thank you Leslie. You’re amazing!! Take care, Stay safe. And once again, thank you millions!

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This is lovely to hear @Katrinaip I'm glad Leslie was able to get this sorted for you. I'll certainly see if I can ask for your feedback to make it's way to Leslie 🤗

To make sure we find the right Leslie, it might be worth dropping us a message on social media so that we can check your account. Make sure to include a link back to your forum post and your mobile/account number.

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