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No texts from O2 numbers, no delivery reports

2: Seeker

Sorry if this has been posted before or is an on going issue but I couldn't find it anywhere in the forums/FAQ.

About 3 weeks ago I noticed I wasn't receiving delivery reports for texts that I know we're delivered then I noticed I wasn't receiving texts from my girlfriend- she is on the O2 network and I've since discovered I can't receive texts from other friends also on O2. 

I've tried the turn off/on again thing but don't have a spare handset or sim to do a swap test.

Can anyone help? Has this happened to you? Is it a know issue?

I can keep in touch with people via WhatsApp etc but I don't want to miss messages when I go back to work.

Thanks in advance

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17: Community Champion

Assuming receiving texts from o2 was fine before and you haven't recently ported to Vodafone then this is either 1 account based or 2 a phone issue or 3 in some way your sim card is glitching.

1. Live Chat  or the Vodafone Social Media Teams via Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries can have your account checked. If you use the Vodafone Social Media Teams then I recommend using Twitter and link back to your thread here including your forum username so your not having to repeat yourself.

2. Check any relevant blocking feature although this only blocks calls and texts that have been added. Not a whole network's incoming text messages.

Check any other relevant phone settings.

Try refreshing your Network Connection by choosing another network in the phones connection settings and then re choose Vodafone.

Does the issue happen everywhere ?

Help thread from Vodafone including a template to use 》Network-issues-initial-checks-and-template. 

Also do check your phones settings for delivery reports as this is usually dependent on phone model and software. A software update can affect previous features sometimes and or turn them Off in the phones settings.

It would be beneficial if you could try your sim card in another phone as a process of elimination. A families, friends or neighbours perhaps that'll accept your Vodafone Sim card.

3. Ask Live Chat to send you a Blank Sim Card through the post so you can perform a Sim swap at home What-is-a-SIM-swap-and-how-long-does-it-take.  or wait until the Vodafone Highstreet Stores re open on or after the 15th of June and they'll sim swap in the store.

I appreciate there's a lot to consider above but unfortunately issues like yours typically include lots of trial and error and investigations to get a result.

I wish you all the best with this situation. 


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