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Not only unprofessional but extremely ignorant and rude CS

4: Newbie

I have noticed when call that it appears always many CS in the background having such fun and hard to concentrate, especially when get exasperated by CS or frustrated , the person on the phone keeps covering the mouth piece and when uncovers all i hear are howls of laughter...about from unprofessional and rude, why have the CS so much spare time to sit around laughing when so many unhappy customers? Also future callers take note as seems we callers are the laughing matter or certanly each howling of laughter coincides when you get frustrated or lost for words and mouth piece momentarily covered then seemingly the best comedy show ever you are performing in? hahahaha


Community Champion (Retired)
Community Champion (Retired)

@Paultuk5668 Did you actually read what you had written before posting it?


If you had done so you would have realised how totally unbelievable it sounds even when written by  someone who is obviously frustrated in trying to achieve a resolution with their current problem with Vodafone.

Yours is the only post on the boards reporting such behaviour and if this was a common occurrence I am certain that others would have posted about it.


These sort of exaggerated posts always makes one question the creditability of other posts from the same writer.




i assure you my posts are not at all exaggerated, in future i shall attempt to record the conversations...Do not defend what you clearly have no such idea of as not had such unfortunate misdealings, i can at a guess google hundreds if not thousands of further complaints and many defend them well yet so many complaints met with such conviction, not your job and if you feel the need to do so, look much deeper at the huge amount of complaints??? On not any level have CS been courteous, professional or helpful, a quick look at the list of complaints which ought have been dealt with quickly confirms my and many others dealings with by CS and if possible i get to record the CS in action i shall happily post a blog and send you a link to listen to them first hand with great pleasure and happily accept your apology 🙂

Granted my personal thought on why they are laughing loudly probably wrong but not professional in anyway along with it seems the whole of CS. Lee entirely correct in how things are meant to be done etc yet the amount of posts on here clearly indicate that not being done? Many questions raised on here or complaints are levelled at unhelpful CS , rude CS , hanging up on customers etc. You can hardly defend that at al and if do so i shall happily pull you a huge amount to refute your defence very easily and leaving my last " exagerated " comment aside...kindly answer why the huge list of complaints as Vodafone such a great helpful bunch and courteous and professional...strange how seemingly all these are overlooked? Neat to single something out and not actually give a whole answer...Not a problem with other users however i do have a problem when someone stands up to defend blindly and the list of complaints which CS did nothing or about CS are posted all over the forum...thats blind must have had such a great experience unlike the fortunate and lucky you 🙂

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

To be honest I've spent the weekend watching you post over and over again on multiple threads that you have started on on other people's threads that you've hijacked and enough is enough. You are breaking the rules of this forum by spamming and by making the same points over and over again.


Ranting in a normal way is acceptable. Your behaviour is off the scale so please stop it.


Your experience does NOT represent the norm. Nearly all of Vodafone's customers have a trouble free existence. 


hmmm i see no point in writing further anyway, hijacking? Cos they like me had an awful experience yet glossed over quickly and excused Vodafone by a part answer etc...waste of time haha bye 

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Yes hijacking by posting on someone else's thread with yet another description of your own problem.


Perhaps you should read the Community Guidelines







To point out I'm not required to defend anyone at all. 


To give you some balance I purchase my phones sim free fully unlocked so they accept any SIM card out of the box. 


Thus I'm an active Payg Customer of 4 Uk Mobile Networks. So I think my experience of using telephone customer services and Online Live Chat communications is varied. 


Apart from the occasional loss of translation I've never  encountered the type of phone call you state.


I'm in no way stating your call wasn't as you say. Some calls to Vodafone are Recorded and retained for 60 days so if you deem necessary you could ask for the call, if it was Recorded. to be listened back to.  

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actually ty a great idea though a feeling not be forthcoming but cheers anyhow, i shall try get it 

As for the credibilty of my other posts...i find that insulting! I shall if you wish post my chat transcripts to you again...then please do not part answer  in defence and cop out with the rest of the questions, take a good long look at the whole transcripts and then repeat your insinuation......Defend them if you must but do so fairly if supposedly impartial? Answer the whole of my questions and defend their appalling unhelpfulness ...