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Off topic

Older users

2: Seeker

I would like Vodafone to consider older users. I have been a VF customer for at least 26 years. I recently upgraded to Mobile Broadband unwittingly. I have since cancelled it because I thought I was upgrading my Home Broadband. At almost 66 years of age, I like to think I am "with it", but plainly I am not!


I am semi-retired, I don't travel, so beyond the data plan I have (for which I pay handsomely, I might add!), I don't need a mobile broadband service; what I have now serves me quite adequately.

So, for the digitally challenged out there (including me!), Mobile Broadband (5G??? I correct?), Mobile Data and Home Broadband are all different services at different prices and can be added to your overall plan at additional cost.

Thankfully, a nice person at VF sorted my confusion out, and I can continue into my twilight years at no additional cost.


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17: Community Champion

I'm not quite sure how you've done that as the sign-up process is usually quite prolonged.   However, there's always a cooling-off period, so you should be fine as long as you act promptly.

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