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Positive feedback

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Hi, have seen others post similar things in this thread so thought it would be okay to post this here.

Went to the Sheffield Meadowhall branch recently with my girlfriend as she had decided to start a contract with you. We were greeted by a friendly lady who passed us over to a sales assistant, Jason, after we had explained what we were wanting. He was excellent, made very fun, friendly conversation with us both as he was processing her new contract with them. Wasn't overly pushy with things like insurance like you often get in these situations, which can be so off-putting. Just made it all round a smooth and enjoyable experience for both of us, perfect for what I'd want from a sales employee. 


So I just hoped the compliment might be passed on as Jason made what would usually be a very mundane thing, into a memorable part of our day. Thank you.


PS: I did also leave that as a google review which I have copy/pasted and just ever so slightly edited to add the location in this version.


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

It's nice to hear you were looked after when opening up a new contract and that the experience was a positive event @HJD360 


I'm sure the Vodafone Social Media Team here will pass this feedback to the store in question.

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Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

@HJD360 It's fantastic and lovely to hear that you've had this wonderful experience in our Sheffield Meadowhall store! 😁 I'll certainly get your amazing feedback passed on to the stores internal email, so Jason can receive your praises! Thanks for letting us know about this and brightening our day! ❤️