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Off topic


3: Seeker

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has actually managed to get a refund off of Vodafone for issues caused by their disastrous system?


My sim ended up locked and useless when I had the audacity to try and leave Vodafone! For 3 months I was consistently promised by advisors that all I needed was a new code but alas; their promises were like leaves in the wind. I finally gave up and joined Vodafone again but had to pay an early termination fee for leaving my other contract. I thought, no problem, surely as this was entirely Vodafone's fault, asking to be refunded that amount is reasonable....


But no, only automatically generated refunds can be processed and as far as I can tell beyond the lovely advisors that are restricted by their Vodafone customer service collars (I assume) there doesn't appear to be any human life to be found in the Vodafone empire... 


I propose storming the gates, breaking the chains of the advisors and destroying the robot overlords. But am open to other suggestions. 

17: Community Champion

My suggestion is to engage with the Vodafone Social Media Team's as they have full access to accounts @Kjmcdonald 

However as account access isn't available via this forum you'll need to contact them via Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries. 

I wish you all the best with this. 

Current Phone > Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G - SM9860 Snapdragon.

Samsung One Ui 3.0  / Android 11.

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