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Vodafone missed payment on credit report

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Anyone else had an issue with Vodafone adding a missed payment to your credit report when they have already admitted the account should have been closed?

Having switched a year ago to another provider an unused airtime plan I’d forgotten about and hadn’t used but had been paying for for 13 years remained open. After a year of continuous direct debits being taken by Vodafone I cancelled the direct debit, then received 2 missed payment reminders, I wasn’t able to pass my own security to speak to anyone, so paid the outstanding balance reluctantly and eventually after making a complain Vodafone agreed the account should have been closed along with the other one and agreed to partial refund and assured me this would not impact my credit score.

Well they HAVE shown a missed payment it’s still showing outstanding even though I’ve paid it, was told my account was definitely closed. And I haven’t received a refund either 


Be careful when speaking to customer services as what they agree to do then actually do is not the case!



Hi @Llea123. It's disappointing to see your comments, concerns and feedback. We completely understand how alarming it must have been to see adverse credit recorded on your credit file, as a result of the cancelled Direct Debit. This isn't the smooth farewell we want you to have. 

Although we don't have access to your Vodafone account on the Community to check the concerns that you've raised, we do have a Social Media team that'll be more than happy to help.