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Vodafone Website Issues

2: Seeker

The website has a bug. I can't browse SIMO contracts without being forced to login. Once logged in and i go the SIMO  page, there is a pop up that forces me to the upgrade option or to add an additional line or log out. This is a terrible customer experience. What if I want to buy a SIMO for another phone? You are limiting your selling power by poor design and assumption. It's also very annoying. Thanks,


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4: Newbie

I have just checked and everything works for me.


I don't have to "log-in" see what offerings Vodafone have for "sim only" deals.

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17: Community Champion

It's working for me too.   The first thing would be to clear your browsers cache and history.   If that doesn't work, clear cookies as well - you only need to delete the Vodafone ones if you don't want to clear them all.

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