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Off topic

Vodaphone Hold Music

2: Seeker

Does anyone know  what the hold music was for the end of September 2017 to beginning Of October 2017?

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4: Newbie

When I was on hold for over an hour around that time I remember:

Can't Take My Eyes Off of You (crooner - really old sounding)

 & September Song


Over and over and over and over.....and over....

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2: Seeker

Thank you. All I remember about the last one of the three is that there were no word but still had vocals.

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@SongHunter - Our hold music songs were: 

Jonas Blue - Perfect Strangers [feat. Jp Cooper]

Alicia Keys - More Than We Know

Jp Cooper - September Song 🎤 

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3: Seeker


Could you please advise one of the newer hold music tracks currently? 

Its got a great electric fan bass guitar beat and lyrics sound similar ‘you didn’t have to go’

I can’t find it anywhere please hellpppp x

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