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Website recognised as adult content

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2: Seeker


We have been informed that our website is being flagged as an adult website for some of our customers using Vodafone, could you submit our site for review and remove the restriction please?

Website -



Hi @Withamgroup Thanks for reaching out about this.

I've checked your website and it seems that it's been marked by security vendors. You can check this yourself by following the link here. You may need to speak with the security vendors or to your tech team that handle your website to see if they can remove anything that is causing this. 

Hi Ami,

Thank you for the response. Yes i'm aware that security vendors are flagging us and our tech team have been looking into it without any solution or pinpointing the issue. Are you saying that we are being flagged for adult content because of the issue other security vendors have or could you give me any more specifics as to the reason behind the block?

Thank you for your help.

Community Manager
Community Manager

You wouldn't get an adult content block due to the security issues @Withamgroup. Is your site definitely being block to our content control bars, or due to the security issues raised by our vendors? Could you pop us a screenshot containing the error you're getting when trying to access our site and we'll be able to offer more advice regarding this.

Hi Mark, 

Thanks for looking into this. This is what our customer sent through to us.Vodafone.png


Thank you

Thanks for popping that over @Withamgroup We can certainly get a case raised for reclassification. However, if security flags are showing too, then it's likely our request will be rejected by the team. Once it's showing as clean, please let us know and we'll be able to get this raised without issue. 

Thank you Janey

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hi, Can you submit our site for review and remove the restriction, please. As Mark stated 'You wouldn't get an adult content block due to the security issues' so it must be being blocked by your content control bars.

If there is another issue associated with the block, please let us know, so we can resolve these. We have quite a few customer using Vodaphone and this effecting our business now.

Thank you.

Hi @Withamgroup Absolutely, there's no harm in trying - I appreciate you want to get this sorted as quickly as possible.

I've raised a case for reclassification under reference INC000005074429. As soon as we have an update, we'll drop you a message here. Just to set your expectations though, the request may be rejected as security flags are still present. Whatever the outcome, you'll be the first to know.

Hey @Withamgroup I hope you're doing well. The site has been reclassified as 'Generic'. There are however still some security flags on the site for 'malicious' content. You can view these here. Until those are removed, access to the site may still be restricted if users are using any kind of malware/ virus protection.