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Broadband wifi boosters

2: Seeker

Can a pro broadband wifi booster be used as a bridge? i.e. router signal boosted by one booster to another booster wirelessly, then an ethernet cable connected between the 2nd and 3rd booster to boost the signal to a part of the house that the signal cannot reach due to obstructions such as concrete walls etc.?


So the network would look like this :

Vodafone Pro Hybrid Router > Wireless connection to Vodafone Pro Booster 1 > Wireless connection from Vodafone Pro Booster 1 to Vodafone  Pro Booster 2 > Ethernet cable between Vodafone Pro Booster 2 and Vodafone Pro Booster 3.

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13: Advanced Member

I don't know that Vodafone would even give you that many boosters, and adding alternately sourced boosters probably isn't an option either!

Should what you've described work in theory?  Yes - provided the boosters properly implement all the relevant networking standards.

Will it work well?  Probably not, it may even be almost unusable!  Provided the wiring is good then power line adapters linking to the boosters may be the way to go, and despite the concrete walls, you may find that just a couple of adapters work better than three or more!

*We don't even know if these adapters are proper MESH units or just dumb repeaters (it makes a difference).

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2: Seeker

Yes Vodafone allow you up to 3 boosters. 

the area with the Wi-Fi black spot  has. a different ring main to the area where the router is installed so a power line adaptor will not work, however where booster number 2 is located is on the same ring main as the black spot area. Will it work plugging in the booster to a power line adaptor?


I am just waiting for the 3rd booster to come home from Vodafone and have a 50m long Ethernet cable so can run it on the floor, under doors etc. as a temporary measure to test if it will work or not before going to the effort of running the Ethernet cable in the roof.


I will post if it works or not.


Of course not sure if the Vodafone Boosters are just signal boosters or are actual WiFi extenders.

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