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PfSense Vodafone Gigafast router replacement

2: Seeker

Has anyone replaced their gigafast router with PfSense?


My setup is as follows and my experince with PfSense is limited 


re0 - Wan

re1 - Lan


I have connected the ethernet from the FTTP wall mounted box to re0 on the PfSense machine.


On the WAN port I have setup as a PPPOE and entered by login details and alos setup a VLAN tag 911 (I was told this is the correct tag by Vodafone customer service).


I have attempted to get this setup to work for the last few hours but feel I am missing something, any help would be greatly appreciated!!!





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Hey @bendomigan thanks for getting in touch 😊 Our Gigafast team will be able to help you with this. You can call them from any Vodafone mobile on 191 or alternatively calling them on 0333 304 0191. 



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16: Advanced member

Genuinely think that the Pfsense community is probably your best option for an answer on this.  A quick search though does suggest that you are not the first to face an issue trying to get Pfsense to express a VLAN ID on the Intenet port.


@Dabbs, I really feel that I ought to be making a bet with you that tech support can't solve this one!

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