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Resolved "connected no internet" with Sky Q and Firestick by removing Netgear hub?

3: Seeker
3: Seeker


I have VF SuperWifi with two boosters. Sky Q has always been a bit hit and miss connecting to the wifi but recently both Sky Q and the Amazon firestick would connect but show "connect no internet". I always blamed this on the Sky Q mesh messing things up but that had to be ruled out once it started happening the firestick also. ~

I decided to unplug anything network device that might be interfering with getting internet access, this included a TP-Link  AC750 booster with it's own SSID. A TPlink AV1000 powerline and finally because of the limited number of ports on the VF router, the Netgear GS105 switch powerline adapter connects to the router via.

It was after removing the netgear switch from the VF router/modem that solved everything. Both Sky Q and the Amazon Firestick connected over wife successfully. Any ideas how removing the switch influence whether Sky can or cannot connect over wifi? 


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@ragj195  As a GS105 user for many years, I'll give you two suggestions; 1. duff GS105, 2. duff ethernet cable.

If you want to, you could try different ports on the GS105 to see if it is just one port, and swap around the cables when not using the GS105 just to see if it is that. One other thing, if your GS105 has been used for a long time (I mean years) there's always the chance that its power supply is sick. Usually GS105 just runs for years.