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Unable to access DLink NAS since switching to Vodafone

2: Seeker

Hi, I am no longer able to access my DLink NAS since switching to Vodafone. When I Google the problem I can see there have been lots of people having this issue in the past and I have viewed lots of posts in Vodafone forums but they all say they have sent a private link with the solution. I cannot access it via ip address, can't even ping it and when I click my mapped drives they say network path not found. I have changed the ethernet cable between the NAS and the Vodafone router/hub and there are flashing lights on the NIC port of the NAS. I have restarted the Vodafone router/hub and the NAS a couple of times Please can someone help me? Thanks

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13: Advanced Member

I can remember a problem with Synology NAS devices - due to a bit of stupidity on the part of Synology (It wasn't just VF users who had problems).


So, what happens if you open up the router web admin ( usually) and look for the IP address of the D-Link NAS?  *If you've previously had a LAN that was not 192.168.1.x/24 then you might need to start by mimicking the old network settings!

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4: Newbie

If you had a "static/manual IP" address set on the DLink NAS  that could be the problem.
Hook up the old router to it, login to your NAS and check the IP, if static, change do dynamic and reboot :Winking_smiley:

If you have Android/Apple, install WiFiman app

Then click on "Discovery" option at the bottom of the screen and check if you can see it there :Smiling:
If not swipe from top down to refresh/reload

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