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Vodafone lies about multiple static IPs for business accounts

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2: Seeker

We are new customers of Business Pro II Full Fibre 900 and we just discovered a blatant lie on the Vodafone offer on their website:

Our activation date was 2 days ago and when we asked for more static IPs we were told that it was not possible, maybe it would be at some point in the future but they don't even have a date for that.

Looking through the forum here, we can see older topics about setting and using multiple static IPs on business accounts, so the posibility existed in the past, another blatant lie from the customer service representative that told us that it was never possible and maybe it would be at some point in the future.

We will cancel with Vodafone and look for another provider, preferably on the Cityfibre network, but is there anyone who knows a way to contact directly someone at Vodafone, higher than customer care departament, to take down the misleading website page (or to be modified to reflect the reality)?

It was a really bad experience with Vodafone and after what we are going through this could at least prevent it for others.



Hey @Webnicorn I hope you are doing well. Can you confirm for me if it was the dedicated Business Broadband team you spoke to that advised it wasn't possible or was it the Consumer Broadband Team? You can request a call back from the Business Team here and an agent will contact you to discuss and raise your complaint. 

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Hi @Effie , thank you for your reply.

Yes, I can confirm that we discussed with the business broadband team.

After 2 chat discussions with different teams, they directed us to the same page you posted above. We used that phone number (0333 3040 191) for other two discussions with the business broadband team and in the last one I think we pronounced maybe ten times "business plan" and "business client".

If you have a direct line with someone from Vodafone just ask them to take down the misleading website page please.

Now we wait for replies from a few other internet providers and we will switch to the one who uses Cityfibre and offers extra static IPs for real.

Thank you.

I've spoken to the Business Broadband Team @Webnicorn and they have advised that business broadband plans can have multiple static IPs and the website is accurate. The Static IPs can be added by the Tech team only or they can be purchased via the My Vodafone Online account. 

I am sorry that you have been given the incorrect advice by the agents on the phone. If you request a Business Call Back via the link I sent they can put you through to the Business Broadband Technical Team. 

Hi @Effie, thank you for your reply.

I requested a call back from your link around 16:20 and I am still waiting for that call back to happen.

In the meantime I called myself again on the number from your link (0333 3040 191) and talked with another confirmed Business Broadband Tech Team representative named Hagar who told me again that they cannot provide extra static IPs for a Business account, this time the reason being because we have Full Fibre (if you can believe that).

I am at a loss here. If you indeed have the correct information, please put us in touch with the person who can sort this out for us.
They can find our contact details in our account - Vodafone account [Removed].

Thank you.

[MOD EDIT: This post has been edited to remove personal information please see Community Guidelines]

If you have submitted a call back request, a member of the Business Broadband Team will contact you as soon as they can. 

The Forum is only for general queries and advice @Webnicorn so I cannot access your account or put you in contact with a team. The best thing to do is wait for the team to contact you and they can check your account fully and explain why you are receiving conflicting information. If their processes have changed, or there are limitations on which plans can have multiple static IPs, they can then raise this to the Website team to have the page updated but as of right now, the website page has been confirmed to be accurate. 

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@Webnicorn  This is purely speculation on my part, but I wonder if there are no more static IPv4 address because with the advent of IPv6 you wouldn't need them. The problem is that IPv6 hasn't been completely rolled out on Vodafone.

@Cynric  Ok, in this case Vodafone should amend the page and we would move on. I came here not with the hope to get IPs, only to give a warning about misleading web pages/offers on the Vodafone website.

@Effie We will wait to be contacted (to be sure I asked again for a call back) but we will not wait for too long, we have a limited window to cancel this contract without termination fees and we need a functional connection with multiple static IPs for our servers. I will post the conclusion here regardless of the outcome.

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

So the conclusion.

After I asked to be called back three times (2 times on Saturday and another time on Monday) and they never call me back, I can make the assumption that the business broadband team doesn't want to talk to me because they know that the offer on the Vodafone website is false and they don't know what to tell me when I ask about it.

Today, on the last interaction with Vodafone (when I called to cancel this contract) I was told perfectly clearly that Vodafone doesn't offer extra static IPs to full-fibre clients, only to "half-fibre" clients.
But surprise! On the Vodafone website I can't find any kind of business package that is not full-fibre.

Vodafone doesn't offer extra static IPs to business clients and they lie about that on the website.

Yet, let's give them a chance... maybe "half-fibre" clients are old clients if they have any business clients yet on this "half-fibre".
In this case, again that page is a lie, misleading to any new client.

Just stop all this gaslighting about the fact that the "page has been confirmed to be accurate", "you need to talk with the right team" and so on, it is just an effort to cover a blatant lie.

Lost time, lost money and now more time to be lost waiting another 14 days for other ISP to install the service. Awful-awful experience.