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Pay as you go

Answering calls on alcatel 3l

2: Seeker

Just got a new alcatel 3l om PAYG.  Everything seems ok, but I am unable to answer incoming phone calls. I right swipe as per the instructions but the number just keeps on ringing in.  I have tried re-booting but no help

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17: Community Champion

The instruction manual Here states to swipe right to answer a call.

I'm not sure why this wouldn't work @Baz500 

Perhaps a Vodafone Highstreet Store employee can help.



Current Phone > Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G - SM9860 Snapdragon.

Samsung One Ui 2.5  / Android 10.

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2: Seeker

Thanks, but I have sussed it.  You don't swipe the screen, (as per instruction book), but you drag the central grey phone icon into the green one, to its right.

Thanks for your help

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