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BigValue5 = £5 - 150min, 250sms, 100MB

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Why is "BigValue5" Bundle not showing  in MyVodafone?

I use this on my watch with eSIM, but its difficult to activate.


This morning My Vodafone wa not working, trying to activate via SMS
BIGVALUE5 to 2345 resulted with SMS reply that VF system is now trying via myVodafone
and the option to activate BigValue5 is MISSING from the menu ....

This is the highlight of incompetence .........Screenshot at 2024-01-19 08-26-29.png


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @THG3000-IPv6 The  Big Value 5 bundle has been discontinued, the smallest bundle now available will be the £10.00 bundle. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause

Hey @Mark 

Can I ask you where did you get that information from?Screenshot at 2024-01-19 19-17-45.png

Just activated the BVB5 on my watch :Smiling:

So can do it with a SMS or a call, but can't do it in My Vodafone ...........

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What really gets me, is how expensive everything on VF PAYG has become.

If you use up your minutes, texts or data from your Big Value Bundle allowance before the 30th day, you'll be charged 50p a minute for standard UK calls, 25p to send a standard UK text message and £2 a day for 50MB UK data and 10p for ever MB after this, until your Big Value Bundle is renewed.

Time to move on ......

LycaMobile - UK Plan Smart

5GB / 30 days
£5.00 / 30 days
1000 UK calls and texts
100 International minutes free
EU & India Roaming (Data Cap up to 5GB)
eSIM available
5G at no extra cost

1pmobile would be better for a LTE watch, but no eSIM support yet!

The lowest BVB on the website is the BVB10 @THG3000-IPv6 🙂

If you have managed to successfully activate it via the App then this is great but we have removed it from the site so we can't guarantee that it will continue being available on the App in the future. 

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Thaxn for your reply.

Just a question, what sort of business practise is this?


I have managed to activate it, via a SMS and it's still available via calling 2345 ...

a] did you let your customers know that is the case?
(that you have discontinued BVB5?)

b] if so, where and when?
(could not find any announcement, neither have I received an SMS to inform me of the change)

c] how could I have activated the BVB5, if it is discontinued?


d] the BVB5, has never been available in the APP/MyVodafone .............

and I always had to activate it via call/sms or in Store ..

@THG3000-IPv6  - It's not currently available to new customers, although from what you've shared above, it looks like for existing customers, it's allowing you to add the bundle via the methods you've advised. For some clarification on what's happening with the BVB5, I've raised this to our Support team. I'll let you know as soon as I hear back from them. 

On the 23rd I ordered new PAYG SIM, that has been delivered yesterday.

It's looks to be the new one with "Get 3x data for 3 months" and £10 7GB now 21GB data.

Activated the SIM, and send SMS to 2345 with "BIGVALUE5" to try to activate the "BVB5" and received:

Heads up - we haven't been able to renew your £5 Big Value Bundle because you don't have enough credit. Simply top up at least £5 in the next 7 days and we'll renew your bundle automatically. To top up or check your balance, call 2345 free from your Vodafone mobile or go to to use the My Vodafone app. Alternatively, you can continue to pay our standard rates for calls, texts and data. Visit to find out what standard rates apply to you.

My questions to the VF Moderators/Community Managers are:

a] did you let your customers know that is the case?
(that you have discontinued BVB5?)

b] when will you let all the customers know that it has been discontinued?

c] and that it can still be activated?

d] how could I have activated the BVB5, if it is discontinued?

Gemma is speaking with our support teams to get you the answers to these, so we'll get back to you.

Morning @THG3000-IPv6  - thanks for your patience while I was looking into this for you. I've received confirmation, that the BVB5 is is only available as an option, to existing customers who have already had/got this bundle. It was removed for new customers 2-3 years ago. This is why your new number won't see this option to choose and it's no longer available as an option on our website.