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Top up taken payments but no credit on my broadband account

2: Seeker

Hi I first had a problem in July this year when I tried to top up for my mobile broadband with 15gb data I paid £25 using my debit card but when I tried to connect there was no credit on my account I waited the 24 hours but still the same at first I thought it was me and that I had some how enter the wrong number to top up so I left it at that, I then tried again a few days ago on the 31st of October using my credit card the same thing happened I chatted with Vodafone but found them very unhelpful, I have complianed to them through the form  but it is like banging my head against a brick wall they don't beleive me I am very upset about this because I have lost £50 in total which I cannot afford please can some help me in getting a refund

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Tgel23


It can sometimes take a short while for the credit to update in your myvodafone. 

If it does not then it’s probably likely that Vodafone have not claimed the funds from your Bank Account and the monies have been gated off by your own Banks Systems waiting to see if Vodafone do claim it. If they don’t then the funds would normally drop back into your bsnk accounts available balance. 

Your Banks Customer Services can check this to clarify if it’s the case and or help you with the transactions you’ve processed. 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Tgel23


Customer Services should be able to look at your account.


If you have been unable to use the service due to being unable to top up for some time, the connection may not be active on the network. If this is the case, the top up will be returned to your credit card account.


It may be worth contacting your credit card company for confirmation that the transaction was successful.   

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Community Champion (Retired)


There do seem to be some serious problems with the conversion of credit into data packs. Presumably you're confident that the funds aren't sitting as credit on your account, and it's not the conversion to data packs which has failed?

You've clearly tried the obvious routes for help already, and it's disappointing to hear that they haven't produced a result. I'd suggest making sure you have evidence of the payment(s) having been taken from your bank/credit card - the earlier one must be showing up as a confirmed payment by now, even if the recent one is still sitting in the ring-fenced area - and wait for one of the Vodafone Team to contact you on this thread.

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@Tgel23 I'm sorry to hear about what's happened.

If you still need help with this, please see the private message I've sent you, with details on how to get in touch.

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