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Pay as you go

Traveling from the US to Portugal to the UK

1: Seeker

Hello. I am traveling from the US to Lisbon for a couple of days and then to the UK for a week. I would like to have internet service while in Lisbon and the UK. I used to have an Italian and then UK Vodafone Sim card, but that was 3.5 years ago. So I was planning on picking up a new Sim card when I got to the Lisbon airport. Will I be able to use the same Sim card while in the UK? I would rather not have to pay extra money for two Sim cards.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @portboy88 


Sounds like you going on a fantastic journey


Even tho different countries share the Vodafone brand name they are not linked.

So if you pick up a sim card in Lisbon you would need to then check the Terms and Conditions of roaming with that network, the costs to roam , how long they allow roaming and how you can top up and ensure any roaming bars are removed.

Also your phone would need to be unlocked to all networks and have the Bands and Frequencies to work on the networks.

My suggestion would be to pick up a Vodafone Uk Payg Sim Card when your in the UK from the airport or Vodafone Highstreet Store and some Supermarkets and shops sell them too.

However a Vodafone Highstreet Store employee would be able to go through with you what will tailor to your needs.

If you look on the Vodafone UK Website Here  and What-is-Pay-as-you-go-1  you'll see two Payg options.

1. Big Value Bundle. 

2. Payg1


The Pay As You Go Sim cards will have either one on depending on the best option for you and or a person can change the tariff option if they choose. See the Vodafone Support Help pages How-do-I-change-my-Vodafone-Big-Value-Bundle.  on how to do so.


Some further links that maybe of interest. 


Vodafone Uk Support. 


Just to add a Vodafone UK Payg Sim Card will usually be suspended and the number quarrantined if some activity isn't  made every 180 days. Vodafone then typically give another 90 days ontop of that to give a person a chance to stop the number and account from ceasing.

Activity would be making calls and sending texts , using data or topping up.

Once deactivated a person has a very short period of time to ask for it re activated.


Enjoy your trip.



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17: Community Champion

Hi @portboy88 


As you are only going to be in Lisbon for two days and a week in the UK, changing SIM cards for just a short period does seem like a lot of effort. there is also the added problem of changing APN settings in the phone and it might be worth checking out the roaming charges for using the phone in the EU and UK from the US network.


If it's just an internet connection you are concerned about my suggestion would be to try and use a WiFi connection where possible, you will find WiFi offered in many cafes and bars in Lisbon.  As far as the UK is concerned, Wifi is offered in coffee shops and bars, you will probably find your hotel offers WiFi to guests.


However, if you do get a SIM card for Vodafone Portugal, there should be be no reason being unable to use the same SIM card roaming in the UK.  When you arrive in Lisbon, the store will be able to advise further.

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