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Mislead, dishonest, incompetent, stupidity- Direct Debit wrong month

2: Seeker

I called the other day to reinstate my direct debit. 

This was the 26th February, I paid the final amount of an outstanding bill I had and asked to set up a direct debit for future payments. This was killing 2 with one stone as my bank needs an active direct debit which had just recently stood with none from another service ending. 


Anyway I was advised that my direct debit date would be on the 7th of the month and was not able to have a date closer to my payday, I didnt think much of this but it did seem odd. I'll tell you why. 


I was told that I would have to pay the bill that was soon to be due  ( 5th march) by card as I had been previously been doing as I've experienced nothing but complications and poor, ludicrous, shocking and unbelievable service relating to my direct debits with Vodafone. Anyway so I accepted that the 7th of april it is! Additionally discussed that I would need to pay for my bill over the phone by card regarding March's payment. ( 8-10 days from the phone call asking to set up a direct debit)  now I've been having problems with the bank being charged etc as I did not have a direct debit active for a short period, this is being resolved,  this was in my favour now I've the direct debit set up, the one the lovely lady has told me would be starting on APRIL 7TH 2021.  


Now I've just seen on my account (online banking) that 3 days from now, Vodafone will be debiting my account (direct debit) in 3 days from now. 3 days from now is MARCH not APRIL????? 


This is a complete joke! I've not the ability to have this account in good standing to complete this direct debit as this was not agreed to be paying by direct debit until APRILS PAYMENT? 


This is going to negatively affect my complaint with my bank, most likely result In no compensation from them for the issue as I'm about to again have no direct debit on there as this is going to bounce. 


Why would I be told that my payment will be in April and then something different happen? 

The agent and I reiterated numerous times that the soon  due payment would need to manually be paid and then future payments from 7th APRIL 2021 will be via direct debit. 


Vodafone have never NEVER EVER taken a direct debit from me on the agreed date, not just day but Month (this situation previously) why are they so incapable of doing what they say? Why are they so blind to see that randomly charging customers as and when they choose without warning has a HIGH RISK of CAUSING FINANCIAL problems for their 'valued' customers? 


My God this has caused so much anxiety and stress, I've been physically sick! I've long term mental health challenges and this has resulted in complete loss of control of my stability! 


This is so wrong! I Dont know how you can do this to vulnerable people and still operate!

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17: Community Champion

I can understand why you would be unimpressed with this if Vodafone had told you one thing and then went onto set up another.

I can't say why this has happened unfortunately but if you would like the Vodafone Social Media Team's to take a look at this then as there is no account access via this forum please contact them on Facebook or Twitter. The links are in Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries. 

If you can't / won't use Social Media then you'll need to call up customer services on 191, 0333 3040191 or Live Chat.

I wish you all the best with this @AndyM94 

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