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Moving from Vodafone to another Vodafone provider

4: Newbie

We have two mobiles on monthly contract with Vodafone. Both are out of contract now and the price hikes are substantial for renewal.  I have been with them for about twenty years but as the discounts offered after calling them are not that great I have shopped around and there are several providers such as Talkmobile, Asda Mobile, Lebara and VOXI who use the Vodafone network that are way cheaper.  Reviews are sketchy but then so are the reviews for Vodafone.  Ideally I would like to stick on the Vodafone network as it offers the best coverage where I live.

I have however while doing some research come across one or two posts on MSE that state Vodafone refused to give some users a PAC Code to migrate to another Vodafone provider. Apparently they cannot do this and eventually they were given the code but not without a battle.  I have had the same number for 24 years and I Cannot lose it. 

So my question is am I likely to encounter problems switching to another Vodafone provider? Is there anything further I can do to persuade Vodafone to match or get close to one of the alternative providers?  Which is the best provider out of that list? I believe VOXI is owned by Vodafone and does not require a Pac code.

Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated.


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Yes @barryd999 Voxi is easy, just contact Voxi and they will make the change, Talk Mobile and Lebara can be difficult, to prevent problems port out on PAYG to any other network and back in on Talk Mobile or Lebara.

As you have two numbers on the account complete the port through the switch my number section of your online account.  See here: Cancel Account 

Thanks.  That is an option I guess but Talkmobile has far better prices for what we want.  Voxi is still better than Vodafone. A bit cheaper (not much) but more data.  I wonder if I should try and port my Wife's phone to Talkmobile first and see how that goes as hers is not that critical.  I dont mind a bit of hassle but what I want to know is there is zero chance of losing my number if it all goes wrong. Can that happen?

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Talk Mobile is part of Vodafone, you may not use a PAC @barryd999 . Talk Mobile will be able to advise the process. 

Ah right. I thought PAXI was the only one that did not need a Pac code.  Ill contact them. I tried calling earlier but was on hold too long so gave up. 🤣

You do need a PAC code for Talkmobile. I am on chat with them right now.