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Pay monthly

Sim not activated after 36 hrs

2: Seeker

Got a new pay monthly plan from fonehouse 2 days back.Got information from bank that direct debit from vodafone has been linked to my account. But sim not activated even after 36 hrs (after inserting it in the mobile.order was even earlier-48 hrs.Contacted the vodafone store in the high street(Reading) yesterday,who were courteous to help me find my vodafone account number and mobile number linked with my account ,but said,my order has not gone through,and would be done soon.They also directed me to contact customer service,if not activated by today.Couldnt do much with customer service no-191 as it simply rejects the mobile number,as it is not activated yet.Somehow got hold of vodafone support chat, where one Mr.Sumit, promised me that it would happen before 6pm today.But still,it is not activated and it is really frustrating as i have not renewed my contract with earlier provider.My order no- CTT-000 000 0254050152. 00303165898758C760. can someone help me on this?

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17: Community Champion

Yes @Vasuki third party sellers can be on the slow side forwarding your information onto the network, Vodafone can only go on what has been receive from the third party.


As your contract was taken out through third party reseller and they were responsible for setting up account and forwarding all the details to Vodafone, you will need to take this up with the point of sale, Fonehouse will have access to the Order Number and will be able to confirm that your contract is set up with Vodafone.

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17: Community Champion

It sounds to me from what you write that Vodafone have the information needed from the independent and need to own this and get it sorted.

Certainly not a good experience for a new customer.

Please persevere with Vodafone customer service and also give the Vodafone Social Media Teams a go at getting this resolved so you can start using the service and allowances you're paying for.


I wish you all the best with this situation @Vasuki 

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