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Spotify activation problem

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2: Seeker

hi. I hope someone can offer some assistance or get me to the right department, other than the call centre.  I upgraded my  phone plan on 29/01/24 and the included the option for Spotify.  My previous plan also included Spotify and I had no problems with this. Since the upgrade I have not been able to activate Spotify premium. I have had multiple phone conversations with the help centre, and they have reset my account several times, but they have been unable to get this service on my phone. My latest conversation with them today was that they can remove the entertainment feature from the plan but will charge me more for the 80gb of data. My plan should be 80gb data plus Spotify for £28. They are suggesting that I pay £20 for the data and sort Spotify out myself. This means I would be paying £31 for the same deal. Obviously this is not acceptable. I asked to cancel the contract but was told I can’t because I’m outside the 14 day period. I pointed out that the contract goes two ways and since Vodafone have not held up their end then the contract is useless. I need to be able to resolve this either by cancelling the contract and starting again or getting monthly bill set to £17  so I am not paying more than the £28 I should be paying when I sign up to Spotify independently. Any advice as to where to go with this or how to escalate as the call centre wouldn’t put me through to anyone else. 

Thanks in advance



Hey @lanky thanks for taking the time to reach out to us! Sorry to hear that you've had trouble with your Entertainment Package. Our Social Media team are more than happy to help you with getting this resolved. You can reach them on Facebook or X, using the links attached. Thanks

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Hello there! Thank you so much for describing your experience as detailed as possible. Allow me to assist further with everything you will need in regards to troubleshooting entertainment subscription problems and resolving it. 
Let’s break this into two pieces, so first of all on the new contract that you have taken out you have an entertainment pack included, right?

Next thing, you need to make sure that you have low subscription for your Spotify premium if there is any ongoing subscription for the Spotify premium to make sure that it’s canceled

Next is to head to and choose United Kingdom, put in your number and choose Spotify premium once again. 
Now the tricky part is to make sure that underneath ‘Spotify Premium,’ there is the word ‘included’ and anything else means that the entertainment pack needs to be removed and re-added through a certain system from the contact center’s end  (191) or the webchat team. If you still proceed without making sure the word ‘included’ is there, you may be charged externally outside your plan. Once you contact Vodafone and they sort out refreshing your entertainment pack, you can then  go through the same process again and you’re ready to go.

There is a scenario where you might find yourself still on the free version of Spotify. In this case, you need yo go back to your entertainment account through and go to ‘your subscriptions’ tab and make sure you have Spotify premium active and that it’s not instructing you to ‘continue activation’ and if it does, then you’ll proceed with continue activation.

Whether you are continuing activation or activating it from scratch, you need to make sure that after you click ‘activate,’ you should be redirected to your Spotify account and you need to log in from there. And that’s when you’ll find yourself on premium. If you don’t get redirected or if you close the page before logging into Spotify after Vodafone redirects you there, the subscription won’t be completed. Hence please make sure you do this process.

In case you may come into errors throughout the process or you don’t get redirected in the first place when you click on ‘activate’ then some options you may need to make sure you do is:

1) Using your mobile data NOT wifi

2) Trying different browser (Firefox, chrome…etc.)

3) Trying doing it from a computer or laptop 

4) Trying clearing cache and cookies off your phone 

In case errors like ‘oops we’re sending you back to the home page’ or any types of errors like this come across, then you need to call the contact center (the webchat won’t work) and you need to be put through the technical department because departments like consumer care or billing won’t have access to the special technical escalation and these other departments may go through the same process again mentioned above, which isn’t something new and time-consuming, but the technical department will do some sort of escalation that will require 3-5 working days (let’s give it a week), and you’re ready to go and re-do the process. Make sure to get a reference number to the escalation for your own reference. If you want, you can provide consent and ask any advisor to do the process for you where they will access the entertainment account through on your behalf and put you on the right plan and send you the redirection like that starts with through a text message and you’ll copy that link and paste it into any browser and log in through it.

Another thing you may face is that you may have subscribed successfully into Spotify premium, but sad story is not being able to use the premium version from the app. In this case, all you need to do is to make sure your Spotify is updated to the newest version, log out and log in again from the app itself, and/or reset the password. There isn’t anything more that you may need as these are enough to fix these issues.

There should be no other possible problems that you may come across; and the resolutions provided won’t be more than what is given.

Good luck and please stay safe!

Hopefully this helps!

@lanky  Please  allow me to point out that since you are the paying customer, is it not your fault for any technical issues that are not controlled from your end and Vodafone definitely has detailed records of all the contacts you’ve made, recorded calls, and times you reported the issue several times that was never resolved. If you are still unhappy to proceed or chase the issue and would like to cancel your contract despite being outside the 14-days, it is best to raise a complaint with remarks to your several attempts to call and the issue remains unresolved and you’re not happy to continue the contract and refuse to pay any early termination fees; hence it would be escalated to a manager or you may request one in case no one aims to address your concerns appropriately as I’m also a customer like you and would call what you’re going through a nightmare. Don’t pay extra for fixing things. Vodafone has a plan for 100GBs for 10 or 11 pounds I think. If you’re happy to proceed with an external subscription then ask for this deal as a correctional action from Vodafone’s end to your issue. Consumer rights are important too//

Hello, I have a similar problem. I took out a contract with Spotify premium included but it has always been the free service not premium. I deleted the app from my phone/laptop and tried the message and password to access the Spotify account as per the Vodafone website. Via the Offers.Vodafone website I logged on using my  phone number and it shows that Spotify premium is apparently active. However  to download  the app requires my email to register (not phone number) and then links that to the previous free account not premium. This happened initially on my phone and later on the laptop the same. I tried Spotify remote Helpdesk but they referred me to Vodafone. Very frustrating as will otherwise have to take out a separate Spotify or other streaming account which makes the Vodafone package overpriced.

Hi @richardcoppin Sorry to hear you've been facing some trouble with your Entertainment Pack. If you're not able to resolve this with your Spotify app, please message our team via the contact information here so we can look into this with you.