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The sins of the parent visited - VOXI is an epic fail

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I have to admit that although I reluctantly went back on a vow I made in 2010 never to use Vodafone or have anything to do with them...I reluctantly gave in to VOXI for two reasons:

1. The iPhone Pro Max on 36 months was the cheapest I could find anywhere

2. VOXI wasn't technically Vodafone...right?

Except, when I tried to get a refund from a 36 month PayPal credit contract to pay for my phone, gone wrong, it was Vodafone who suggested "send the phone back for a refund".

So now I'm without the phone, less £1200 from my bank account and now being told it will take 30 days to process the refund.

Answer me this: what self-respecting £billon company - sorry - £multi-billion company finds it appropriate to treat its customers as if they were businesses with net-monthly payment terms? The audacity to sit on my personal funds owed me, the inconvenience, anguish, and utter contempt, at having to listen to the scripted waffle for hours, yes, HOURS in VOXI chat, dear Lord.

To be told there's nothing we can do for you. It is our protocol  she said to me in chat.

To what? To take my money without checks & controls (several people on Trust Pilot reported the same 36 month PayPal problem)?  To ignore reports of a problem with the payment process? To take customer's property, so that they have nothing, no phone, no money?  To belittle your customers? To ignore the financial code of conduct? To ignore common sense? To help someone desperately seeking to recover their only means of getting by?

No. No words from your mouths will compensate me for the humiliation of holding a £1200 phone in my hand, still in the shipping box, a phone I did not get to see with my own eyes, shipped back in less than 24 hours and then to be told after another 30 hours "we have to open the pristine packaging to inspect the phone before starting the refund process."

And yet...and yet, 30 hours after one had initiated the refund process. Customer support on the phone said "they are still checking..." 30 hours later.

Understand that as an adult who works 40 - 50 hours a week to ensure I personally don't have to go through Sugar Honey Iced Tea like this in my life, I am personally committed to call you out - VOXI - as thieves, basically Vodafone wolves in sheep's clothing.

My reddit post:

My Trustpilot review:


But it doesn't take much to find this problem isn't new - Google: VOXI 36 month PayPal credit

Why hasn't something been done? So you can sit on your customer's money for a few months? Like you really need too.

When I spoke to VOXI and asked "Don't you care that customers are having problems with PayPal from your website?" the reply was simply,

   "You will have to speak to PayPal about that...".


I'm fairly certain that had I, in fact, used every colourful word in my vocabulary to express the anger and frustration I was feeling I would have had better results.

Good on you Vodafone, I didn't even see it coming.





17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

I totally understand and appreciate your viewpoint on this situation @bogaitc 

What I've found with refunds with many companies is that the refund process is a.... can take upto ...... a certain amount of days. 

I wish you all the best with this. 


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Hi @bogaitc. I'm very sorry to hear about your experience when returning the device and the large amount of £1200 being on hold for a long period. I would advise getting in touch with the VOXI team over Social Media, the team would be able to check on the account and what's the best next step to help get this resolved for you as fast as possible. You can reach the team on Facebook, X (Formally Twitter).