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2: Seeker

I am paying £11.61 a moth for only 1GB, where other companies ( Lebara) are only charging £5, PER MONTH FOR 10GB. PER MONTH, and virgin are doing a much lower rate for unlimited usage.

I am not able to use my phone because i've reached my limit.

Malcolm Chant

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17: Community Champion

Virtual networks sometimes have better offers than the actual networks themselves.   Never having used one, I don't know if there are any downsides - coverage, uptime, time-limited offers etc.

It's always worth checking for deals on this site as things do crop up (I'm paying slightly less than you for 3GB, for instance, as a result of an offer last February).

If you don't want to switch networks, it might be worth considering a deal with another one if you have a dual-SIM device, although a simple upgrade may be cheaper (Vodafone currently have 5GB for £16 on a 12 month contract, for instance).

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