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Upgrading through 3rd party

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3: Seeker


I have 6 contracts with vodafone in total. 3 i got direct from vodafone so there are 2 separate monthly payments on my account, and the other 3 i got from 3rd parties there is just 1 monthly payment. 

If i understand correctly if i upgrade through vodafone a credit check will be performed but if i upgrade through a 3rd party a credit check wont be performed as im not taking a "loan" out with vodafone.

Is my understanding correct? 



17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

This is taken from the Carphone site @afgzee there will be information available through the third party site fore credit checking.

'We have to carry out a credit check every time one of our customers signs up to a pay monthly mobile phone contact broadband contract or credit agreement'

The third party will still be providing an expensive device.


thank you for that. But i've been with EE and Three in the past who's never had to run a credit check.

The 3rd party would be either affordable mobiles or fonehouse. The contract will be cheaper then what im actually paying. I do understand if im taking it direct from vodafone as im taking 2 agreements one service plan and one device plan, but with 3rd parties its just one plan. 

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3: Seeker

Can anyone from Vodafone or someone who may know let me know if a credit check will be performed when upgrading through a 3rd party? With the 3rd party there are not 2 seperate agreements. 

Hi @afgzee 👋 A credit check will be normally be performed when upgrading or taking out a new connection, this is to assess the affordability of the mobile contract that you have chosen. If a hard credit check has to take place, I would expect the company you are ordering the upgrade through to confirm if a check is taking place and if you're happy to proceed with your order.