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if I add an additional sim-only plan to my current sim-only plan, does that mean I can combine them

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hi there. I have alreay a 24 month vodafone plan with monthly ussage amout of data of 8 gb. However, I found that the amout of data is not enough. Now it has been 6 month since the start of the plan. I am trying to solve the problem. I think I may have two method to solve that problem,

First, upgrade my orignal plan to a 100gb data plan. But I don't know if I can upgrade that with the orignal plan right now or I have to upgrade that until the end of my current plan which will be 18 month later?

Second, I think I can buy addtional plan. But I don not know what the buying additional plan mean? When talking to an agent, he told me that the addtional plan means vodafone will send me a new phone number and new sim with the new data amount instead of adding the data amout of additional plan to my original plan.  Could any body please help to tell me what does buying an addtional plan mean?

Thanks a lot! I will be very much honored!


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

The easiest way is to change your plan to include more data @toliuhui , Vodafone have this information on the website: How do I change my plan? 

If this does not answer your question, speak to Customer Services or live chat and they will be able to change your original plan with the extra data.

If you take out an additional SIM only, you will be paying for two contracts, plus you will have an extra new number.