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pre order s24 ultra, why bother preordering when you have it on back order

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2: Seeker

if this is in wrong section please move it but this was best place i saw for it

so pre-ordered a s24 ultra 1tb, mainly to get the free watch 6 offer, 2 weeks ago was my preorder date,  the release date is well and truly gone and im still sitting here using my trusty s22+, so far had 3 messages from vodafone  that my order is on back order, first for 3 days then 6 then 10, now i look on the vodafone website and it says 4-6 week wait, look on samsungs website out of curiosity if i was to order from there today and it says delivery is the 1st of march, and asked live chat last night they dont know anything and i was told they dont know why im complaining as id get the phone when i get it and its fine for me to be waiting and on back order and its first come first served,

NO vodafone that is the point of preordering something, so you have it ready for the day of release, so people arent on back order even tho the phone was released a week ago   

so a few questions,

1: when am i likely to see my phone i preordered on 21/1/24 , as thats the point of a pre order so i can get it on the day of release not be on back order for 10 days or more, if it gets to this point next week and i havent seen it or had any meaningful updates i will just cancel the lot the s24 and sim,  broadband mobile broadband and the other halfs phone as had enough of crap with vodafone over the years, this is just the latest bout of incompetence, the only reason i stay is cause i simply dont trust vodafone to port my number to another network as vodafone have screwed up on at least 5 peoples porting that i work with and left them without a working business number for weeks

2 the watch offers closing date is the end of febuary, if i dont get it by then is vodafone going to buy and send me a watch 6, as if i miss the offer due to vodafones incompetence/inability to send me a phone it is your responsibility to sort it out, and dont try to tell me i need to contact samsung like live chat did last night, its vodafones issue not thiers, you are thier customer so you should be contacting them not us as your customer, from someone who works supplying stuff to the public its quite clear you clearly didnt order enough phones to supply people with

3: what is the point of a preorder when you are putting people on a backorder, thats the whole point of a pre order so you have the phones for the day of release, so clearly you didnt order enough or your system for pre order needs serious overhaul

4:  why is the advisors on live chat telling me that id get the phone when i get it and that they dont see why im complaining about it as the offer runs till the end of feb for new applicants for the watch, the whole point of me preordering it was i had it when it was realeased so i would be well within the offer to get the free watch, as you need the phones imei to claim the free watch, 

an 5: do you really think people want to be sitting around waiting with no idea of when they might get something they pre ordered 2 weeks ago, 



Hi there @lurchy666 - Thanks for reaching out about this. We're sorry to hear about the delay in receiving your pre-ordered S24 Ultra. We know you'll be eager to get your hands on your new phone and can understand your frustrations with having to wait longer than promised. We'd love to look into this for you and see what we can do to help speed things up. We certainly wouldn't want to lose you as a customer and are here to support. Please could you reach out to our Social Media Team here so that we can check this out for you. 

already spoke your live chat last night via vf website and fb page messenger/chat and got nowhere, live chat was infuriating as they wasnt listening as they couldnt see an issue with waiting and couldnt tell me how long a wait or any issue with the offer for the watch 6 running out and as for fb page im still waiting for them to come back to me 3 days later after they took all the info and done security questions and got nothing from them as they needed to check and get back to me and never did ,

clearly the customer services team is as in the dark as the customers, if you can get any answers from my original questions please put them on here ( clearly not personal info but any other info) then other customers in the same situation googling  might have some answers, 

look all im asking is for you to be honest with the customers, if you dont know when we are geting our phones then say that, but just keeping us holding on for over 10 days like the message i got this morning with no update or date for delivery isnt right, the whole idea behind a pre order is that it is sitting there for day of realease not being on back order, 

Thank you for getting back to us on this @lurchy666. Sorry to hear you haven't received a reply after reaching out via our Social Media platform. We'd advise sending over another message so that the team can pick this up and take a look into your account. 

Right social media team still havent replied and Still no phone even tho i pre ordered on 21st of january and get a email this morning saying its going to be another 10 days at least...... It is taking the urine ... This isnt the idea of a pre order.... This is just a colossal ##~## up..... When am i going to get my phone cause this isnt how pre order works.... Pre order is there so the item is reserved and is delivered on day of realease not weeks later

If you private message us via one of the contact methods here our Social Team will get back to you. We're sorry you're facing this trouble with your order, we'd need to access your account to take a closer look into what's happening here which we cannot do so over the forum. 

I have the same problem.  Yet, I am hearing people that pre-ordered the same day as me (19th Jan) have already received the phone.  I just had a nose ob EE and there is no notice to say there is a 2-3 week delay like Vodafone.   Like you, I have now missed out on the watch.  On X I was told to cancel the order and re-order and basically all the benefits.  Like you, I pre-order expecting to get it the week it came out but got told it would he delivered a month later (this week in fact), now it's not till March.  I don't believe it's the manufacturer hasn't updated us, sent the stock.  Weird how it appears to be only Vodadone that makes customers who pre-order wait EIGHT WEEKS/two months when pre-ordering.  I also got brushed-off when I asked for them to give me the watch because I pre-ordered in good faith

Hazel.... On samsungs website it gives us untill the end of feb to apply but i have also been scouting around on samsungs site and asked a few questions via email..... If you contact them about the promotion of the watch you get an auto reply but then reply to that with help and your question and a human replies..... What they have said is to email them if we dont get the phone by time the promotion is ended and they might be able to sort it out...... But as a vodafone custome we shouldnt have to be going to these lengths and we should have the dam phone by now...... 

I know vodafone put thier own firmware on these phones over the top of the standard android with all the usual bloat ware.... Maybe that is what is holding it up but its kind of nice to know im not alone..... If i dont hear anything by the end of the week i will cancel all my contracts with voda ( my phone /new s24, broadband, mobile broardband and my other halfs phone) and go elsewhere..... It is royally taking the mick.... 

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Ive already tried to fb messemger lastnight  and still nothing and live chat is just as bad. Quite honestly i think customer services dont know anything either ... This isnt how a pre order should work..... The whole idea is you pre order so its there on day of release not 3 weeks later with no info other than the odd email saying it's on back order for x amount of days..... Its simply not good enough

Agree with you @lurchy666 I am in the same situation.  Lost out on the promotional watch offer.  It'll probably be sent back and order cancelled because I will be away for two months. An eight week delay and counting @Lucy_F is not acceptable especially when Vodafone customer services refused to honour the promotion.