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Any way to unlock Vodafone phone?

2: Seeker

So Vodafone are a shower of [Removed], and my pay as you go deal has stopped working and they refuse to help me fix it, so I'd like to unlock my phone and switch network. The official xender vodafone route requires €127 worth of top-ups in 6 months, and I'm the kind of lad that uses about a tenner every few months, so that's a no from me. Is there any cheaper/less legitimate ways of gomegle oing about unlocking the phone? There's a website that does it for €40 which still seems steep for me. Ebay sellers have codes for about €20. Any advice ?


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Community Manager

Hey there @endros 👋

You've not mentioned which country you're in and with you using a euro symbol rather than pounds, this would lead me to believe it's not here in the UK. 

For phones locked to the Vodafone UK, you'd just need to use a Pay as you go SIM in the phone for a minimum of 30 days and then complete the Network Unlock form here. 

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