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Anyone know where to get a phone unlocked?

2: Seeker

I recently got a new phone (Samsung Galaxy 5) buomegle t it was locked to Vodafone. I'm with O2 and have no desire to switch because I'd be paying more for less. I've used my brother's account to request an unlock code but it could take up to a week! xender

Anyone have any idea where to get the phone unlocked in town that ISN'T a Vodafone store?

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17: Community Champion

Vodafone now supplies phones that are already unlocked so have you tried your o2 sim card in it @lukutu  ?

I would suggest to wait for the Nuc however you are able to use reputable online unlocking sites or a Highstreet Store that advertise they unlock phone's but they will charge a fee.

Some Vodafone stores have Nuc codes available in the store however they'd ask for ID for account protocols before issuing the Nuc.

Also some Samsung phone's need a mck i.e Mastercode as well as the Nuc which you'll only know if this is the case when trying the Nuc.

I wish you all the best.  :Smiling: 

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