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Can I get a NUC for a handset that was originally on a corporate contract?

2: Seeker

I got an upgrade for my work mobile phone, but still have the old handset.  Is it possible to get an unlock code for the old handset so that I can use it as a personal phone?

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17: Community Champion

If the phone was supplied directly to you by Vodafone then fill out the Nuc the side of the forum using your account details.

i.e Your the owner and not the business it was supplied to.

I assume they don't want the old phone back ?

You could ask the business it was supplied to to see if they can arrange the unlock.

If not then pick up a Vodafone Payg sim card and use that in the phone to make some calls, texts / data usage to latch the imei details to the new payg account and then fill out the Nuc Form using the new payg information.

Or use a reputable online unlocking site or a Highstreet Store that advertises they unlock phone's @yorkslass  They would however charge for the unlock.

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2: Seeker

Yeah, I got an upgrade, so this is an old handset that I don't have to return.  Thanks for the advice @BandOfBrothers.

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