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Can you network unlock a brand new phone?

2: Seeker

I'm with Three and I saw that Vodafone have a phone I'm going to buy for almost 100e less than three...for new Vodafone customers [Removed]

Am I right in saying I could buy the phone from Vodafone and then bring it into one of the Chinese phone stores to get it unlocked?


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17: Community Champion

In the Uk there are reputable online unlocking sites or Highstreet Stores that advertise they unlock phone's however that would come hand in hand with a fee.

Or in the UK if a Vodafone Payg sim card is used in the phone to make calls etc for 30 days then a Nuc can be requested for free.

Or look around to see if the phone can be purchased already unlocked to all Network's @keven11 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @keven11 


Vodafone UK stopped locking phones at the end of last year and you wouldn't have any problems using an alternative network SIM in the phone.


The only problem you will have is phones have to be sold with a service and that means purchasing top up credit at the same time as purchase.  As the phone came direct from a network, it would likely contain Vodafone software.


You may be betting looking at third party online sites for the phone where it would come without any additional network software.

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