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Enter MCK. Network unlock code blocked. Too many attempts

2: Seeker

Vodafone supplied a NUC for my Samsung Galaxy S9. When I input code I get message Enter MCK. Network unlock code blocked. Too many attempts.

What is a MCK? How do I get one or how can I network unlock the S9. Thanks.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @SteveCrook 


You need the Master Code Key to bring up the unlocking menu @SteveCrook .  The best advise is to speak to the Social Team and they will get the code and help with the unlocking here: Contact Us 


@SteveCrook   Please see the reply to a similar thread from the Social Team

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17: Community Champion

If too many attempts have been made then this can hard lock the phone which means no more nuc attempts can be made until the counter is reset.

The counter is reset by Vodafone sending the phone off to be reset if this is the case with your phone @SteveCrook which sounds like is what has happened.

A MCK i.e a mastercode won't change this unfortunately.

I've known people abandon the network route to unlock and instead unlock via using a reputable online unlocking site or a Highstreet Store that advertise they unlock phone's.

The only caveat is that these sites and shops charge a fee.

I wish you all the best.  :Smiling: 

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