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NUC codes

5: Helper

Hi there.

I requested an NUC in order to unlock my old Nokia 2730c phone. I have received and unlock code of 15 digits and then according to my model of phone had to enter it into this #PW+20digitunlockcode+7#  but it doesn't work. I don't know whether the 20 is part of the entry or to inform me of the non 20 digit code I was given. If don't include the 20 is doesn't work and if I include the 20 the line runs out of space. Either way, nothing works.

Contrary to instructions I had a new Three SIM card inserted as without any SIM card I cannot enter an unlock code. 

Any thoughts


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17: Community Champion

If I recall correctly there are some existing threads on the forum in regards on how to unlock a Nokia phone @HHGTTG 

Please perform a forum search and they should show.


A Google Search may yield some hopefully useful information too.

I wish you all the best with this. 

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