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Amazing customer service

1: Seeker

I recently moved home and spoke to an advisor from the Newcastle upon Tyne call centre. She went above and beyond the duty to help me. Dealing with all of the work for me on my behalf so I wasn’t passed from department to department. She has amazing customer service skills, has such a fantastic personality and is an absolute pleasure to talk with. She literally made my day! Her calls to me should be listened back to and used as training for new starters, she has since moved departments and I spent over an hour tracking her down I spoke to several different centres in different countries. Unfortunately I couldn’t reach her or her line manager (very rare managers come to the phone) to pass on my brilliant feedback. I fear she will not receive the feedback and my thanks so I’m posting here, I am also going to try to call into the Newcastle call centre and drop some flowers off for her as thanks too. Absolutely amazing person! Her name is Tracey [Removed] (if posting her full name breaches something please feel free to remove this or block her surname out but I beg you to pass this on to her first) Thankyou very much Rachael fellow Geordie in West Denton.

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@Rachaelc88 Thanks for taking the time to leave us feedback about your recent chat with Tracey! 

Home moves are often a lot to deal with, so hopefully this has been one less thing to worry about with her helping you out 😊

I've been able to locate Tracey on one of our internal systems, but unfortunately there's no contact details attached for her so I'm not able to pass this lovely feedback on. I'm going to edit out her last name in your post, just in case she comes across this thread and doesn't want it showing. Fingers crossed that she stumbles across this post 🙂

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2: Seeker

Great story! Shame not all customer service queries go to someone in the UK who actually speak English! 

you’ve pushed me to another provider successfully!

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