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Apple Watch Cellular data plan

1: Seeker

I have an Apple Watch cellular and one number plan with Vodafone.


Every now and again the data plan disassociates from the watch and I have to do a sim swap to re-associate it.


Has anyone else had this issue and got a solution?


3: Seeker
3: Seeker

The same issue happend to me 3 times.

10+ heavy hours on the chat last time, it was ok for 5 months and it dropped again now.

I am hitting the 5th hour on the chat, 8 agents, 5 teams, or more, not sure have lost count.

One recommending SIM swap, which didn't work at Vodafone end, then cancelling my onenumber plan, setting up a new one. Still no connection in 36 hours, even after unpairing resetting, etc. Then I am being told today that my EID is missing, which I provided when setting up the new plan. EID update unsuccessful, I am being advised that my plan in cancellation is causing the issue, transferred again and again and noone can solve it!! Whilst, I am paying for the service, and wasting my time with the support.

I have reached out to the social media team on instagram, being ingored. Customer care has put me back to the tech chat who ignroed my request not to sent to cancellations again.